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Battlegrounds is not only an extremely popular and fun game, but has also developed a strong competitive edge and a strong potential to become a game of esports. The project also looks fantastic for the betting industry.

The gameplay of Battlegrounds is definitely complex, and to win the game it is necessary to have a vast control of the game mechanics and an advanced shooting ability. Although the project has not yet come out of the Early Access phase, almost everyone discusses its future as a game of esports. In fact, people not only want to play, but also watch streams, support their favorite players and place bets on Battlegrounds.

The developers of the game clearly know what the fans want and are considering the opportunity to seriously link to the esports.

It should be noted that the PUBG is quite different from other types of esports usually played in 1-1 or team vs. team. However, there is no doubt that the interest in this game is enormous and that the tournament will achieve high popularity in the gaming and sports community. It is thought that this tournament will give a significant boost to the game aspect of the esports, and as a result, the betting market in Battlegrounds will grow as well.

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